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Body Treatments

Wrap your body in nothing but luxury, from rejuvenation to cellulite treatments (series)to an assortment of muds and yougurts. Our private ensuite is complete with six jet shower and rainforest shower head. By cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating the skin, your skin can regain that silky soft and smooth texture. All of our body treatments are performed while you are discretely draped with towels and your privacy is assured.



Body Wraps

These treatments are designed to thoroughly hydrate your skin, detox your system through metabolic stimulation, and exfoliation.

Moroccan Cocoon With Rassoul: This body detox is a therapeutic source for skin cleansing and purification. Enjoy the benefits of this naturally-sourced volcanic lava and see the astonishing results: silky smooth skin. $110.00

Neck, Decollete, and Bust Treatment: A firming and tightening treatment to aid in recovery of a very neglected area. To continue the benefits, home care products are available. $165.00

Desert Heat Wrap: A firming and tightening treatment with copper to heat sore, tired muscles. To continue the benefits, home care products are available. $110.00

Green Coffee Wrap: Win the battle against Cellulite with Pevonia's Green Coffee Wrap. See visibly reduced puffy and spongy skin along with breakdown of fatty deposits and improved skin elasticity and circulation.
*Recommended in a series with home care. $110.00

Back Facial: This full back treatment targets the one area on the body that is so often ignored. Enjoy a deep pore cleansing and exfoliation complimented with a specialty mask suited for your specific skin type. $120.00


Salt or Sugar Glows

Also known as a salt scrub or sea salt scrub, this treatment is designed to primarily exfoliate the skin. Hydration also takes place through the specific oils in the scrub. After your salt scrub, you are treated to a cleansing shower in a beautiful private bathroom.

Pevonia Salt Glow: Your skin is gently massaged with a blend of aromatic sea salts and essential oils for a thorough exfoliation, removing dead cells and impurities and stimulating circulation. Skin is brought back to health and radiance, silky smooth to the touch and prepared for further treatment. $47.25 (with any bodywrap $37.80)