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Hot Stone Massage

Allow yourself to be immersed in a state of relaxation and healing with this unique way to indulge. A heated stone massage is believed to have numerous healing properties and can often be more beneficial than a regular therapeutic massage. The heat can help soothe muscle tension, allowing the whole body to relax. A hot stone massage can also help with back discomfort, poor circulation, inflammation or injury, arthritis pain, insomnia, calm nervous system, release toxins, menstrual cramps and pain, fibromylagia pain, and ease anxiety.




Aesthetician Massage with Hot Stone
60 minutes: $$75.00



What to Expect in a Hot Stone Massage

The therapist will begin this emersion into relaxation withe specific placement of the stones behind the neck and along either side of the spine for concentrated warmth. The therapist then applies cream to the area that is being worked on and begins removing the warmed basalt stones from the heater. Long soothing effleurage strokes are used to induce relaxation. The strokes start with the arms, legs, abdomen, and are followed by the face and neck. Upon completion of the front, placemtns tones are removed, and the therapist concintues the process on the calves, thighs, and back. The therapist may choose to use hot or cold massage stones to customes the treatment to the clients needs.

Couples Ensuite Room

We offer a couples room with ensuite for those couples or friends who would like to experience this relaxation together.