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Digital Skin Assessment

Sheila’s is proud to be a results driven, full service medical day spa.  One way Sheila’s achieves these results is to have clients seeking corrective skin procedures evaluated through a Digital Skin Assessment.  This is a 45 minute to one hour consultation, where medical history is reviewed, client concerns are discussed, and the condition of the skin is documented and assessed.   


One of the tools used during the Digital Skin Assessment is the Visia Complexion Analysis system.  This system takes digital photographs and magnifies the skin to reveal factors that contribute to the health and appearance of skin.  Photographs clearly demonstrate the skins sun damage, the number and size of pores, the location and depth of lines and wrinkles, the texture of the skin, the amount of bacteria on the skin, and any oily or dry skin.  This physical documentation of the skin allows for a full analysis to determine the best course of treatment to address (concerns, issues, problems).      

By knowing exactly what is going on with the client’s skin, Sheila’s staff is able to create treatment plans that incorporate several types of services and technology to accomplish the best results.  What’s better, using these advanced digital photographs help prove the effectiveness of these treatments.  Clients can see their skin achieving a more youthful and healthy appearance. $70