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INTRAcel Anti-aging and Skin Resurfacing Technology

This is this the latest anti-aging treatment to tackle wrinkles, acne scarring, aging skin and enlarged pores. IntraCel is a revolutionary skin resurfacing technology that uses Radio Frequency Micro Needling to target and deliver heat energy below the surface of the skin providing a comfortable, efficient and fast healing treatment with little downtime. IntraCel combines three of the most promising minimally invasive techniques: micro-needling for skin plumping, radio frequency for skin tightening and fractional laser for faster healing.  Results in 1 to 2 weeks.



What can INTRAcel do for me?

  • Non-Surgical face lift
  • Fine line, deep wrinkles
  • Large Pores
  • Acne, acne scarring, and scarring
  • Skin tightening, lifting, and plumping
  • Stretch marks
  • Facial veins
  • Skin texture improvement

WOW! It is safe to work around eye areas because these fractional lasers have no light energy!

We will perform a complexion analysis with a digital skin assessment to see what is occurring not only on the surface of the skin but underneath as well. This also enables before and after pictures, we can do the treatment and then you can see the results for yourself. It's about you, after all.

Is there anyone who can not have this treatment?

  • Skin that has an infection disease, with the exception of acne
  • Bleeding disorder
  • Pregnancy
  • Keloid constitution
  • Anyone with implanted pacemaker, vascular stint, or metal implant
  • Skin malignancy

How many treatments will I need?

Significant results can be achieved with only one treatment. However having two to three treatments can be more effective for some clients, depending on where you are on the elastosis chart (how much damage is already done).

What is the frequency of the treatments?

The interval time between each IntraCel treatment is six to eight weeks.

How long will my treatment take to perform and what does it entail?

A typical IntraCel treatment includes application of numbing cream for comfort with a wait time of thirty minutes or more according to client sensitivity. The procedure usually takes forty five to fifty minutes. The final step is a peptide intensive soothing mask which is allowed to sit for fifteen to twenty minutes.

What will the treatment sensation feel like during and after?

During the treatment you will experience pressure with a mild prickling sensation followed by a slight warmth across the treated area. You will hear a clicking sound at the same time you will feel pressure.

There may be subtle swelling, redness and bruising post treatment but this typically disappears within 2 to 24 hours, and you can be back in your make-up the day after treatment.

What care will I require post treatment?

It is recommended that after treatment ice be applied for ten minuetes on and ten minutes off for your comfort.

The use of sunscreen following treatment is very important to protect the skin during the healing phase and to avoid pigmentation from daylight. This should be worn on a daily basis, applied two to three times. Here at the spa we carry Elta SPF 41 with zinc oxide and titanium oxide.

It is recommended that you cover the treated area with a Peptide Intensive Soothing Mask to sooth skin and provide increased hydration for twenty minutes. This can be continued for five days to continue results.

Makeup can be applied twenty four hours after treatment.

When can I expect to see results?

You can expect to see results one to two weeks following treatment, and continuing for six months