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PerHair Removal

The hair removal treatments featured at Sheila's Day Spa are aneffective means of permanent hair removal when recommended treatment cycles are followed. We offer a wide-range of hair removal treatments. and we utilize technologies that remove hair safely and effectively, with treatments for every hair type on every skin color.


IPL or Permanent Hair Reduction
Prices may be slightly more or less depending on the amount of area and hair to be treated.

Lip or Chin $75.00
Lip and Chin $135.00
Underarms $99.00
Bikini $125.00

Advanced Computerized Electrolysis Pricing

Starting at $20

Whether it is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Laser Therapy, or our cutting edge Advanced Computerized Electrolysis, our technologies offer gentle, non-invasive, long-lasting solution to unwanted hair. Sheila's Day Spa has both the technology and the experience to provide you with a permanent solution to your unwanted hair. All treatments are performed by certified laser technologists, medical aestheticians, and a retired practical nurse; 19 years of total laser and IPL experience, practised on a daily basis.

Contact us today at (506) 696-1476 to arrange for a Digital Skin Analysis to determine your best course of treatment.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

What is it?
Highly controlled flashes of light are selectively absorbed by hair-filled follicles lying below the surface of the skin. The absorbed light heats the hair, which damages or destroys the regrowth potential of the follicle - all without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology offers a gentle, non-invasive, long-lasting solution to unwanted hair on the face, back, legs, bikini line or any other body area. Based on technology used for nearly a decade in the treatment of port-wine stains and other birthmarks, IPL photoepilation has been performed safely for many years, effectively eliminating dozens of hairs with each pulse.

Is it safe for all skin types?
IPL is the first photoepilation procedure proven to effectively treat unwanted hair on all skin types, including dark-skinned individuals such as those of Black, Hispanic and Asian descent.

Can all hair be treated?
IPL's unique design offers you customized treatment according to your hair color, texture and body location. Any hair with at least some pigment in it (black, brown, red and even blond) can be treated effectively.

What happens during a treatment?
It begins by trimming away the hair above the skin. You will be asked to wear dark glasses to protect your eyes from the bright light. Next, a cold gel (similar to ultrasound gel) may be spread over the treatment area. The IPL handpiece is then applied to your skin and pulses of light begin disabling your unwanted hair. When the gel is removed, much of the hair is wiped off with it. The remaining hair in the treated area falls out over the next week or two.

Are there any possible side effects?
Side effects are rare. You may experience some slight reddening or local swelling at the treatment site, but this typically goes away within hours. On rare occasions, some blistering or bruising may occur, but typically resolves quickly. Also, the skin can become darker or lighter following treatment, but will generally return to normal within a few weeks. Limiting sun exposure before and after each treatment will minimize the risk of complications.

Following the treatment, you can generally return to work and resume all regular activities immediately.

What kind of results should I expect?
IPL technology has been proven to create a permanent reduction in the number of regrowing hairs following each treatment in most skin types. The number of treatments required depends on several factors related to your specific kind of hair and skin. A customized treatment program will be designed for you along with an estimate of how many treatments you may need in order to meet your expectations.

Is it right for you? 
More advanced than even lasers, IPL is the first photoepilation technology proven to treat unwanted hair safely on any skin type. In order to ensure the best outcome, you may be asked about your medical history and skin type in order to estimate the results you should expect from your customized treatment program.

Laser Therapy

What is it?
In laser hair removal, the laser beam penetrates your skin and gets absorbed in the hair follicle residing under the skin surface. The laser energy destroys the follicle with the heat that it generates. Because the laser beam is large in diameter, it affects a large number of hairs simultaneously.

Is it safe for all skin types?
Our laser system is licensed by Health Canada and FDA approved for permanent hair reduction on all skin types including tanned skin. This allows your treatments to continue through the summer months.

Can all hair be treated?
Our laser system effectively treats brunettes, blondes, red heads and gray hair.

What happens during a treatment?
Most patients experience a stinging, burning sensation when a laser pulse is delivered. To reduce discomfort, a cooling system automatically removes heat from the surface of your skin before, during and after the laser exposure. You will not need a general anesthesia or pain medication, but a topical anesthetic cream may be applied to sensitive areas.

Are there any possible side effects?
Side effects are rare. It is a safe and gentle method for removing unwanted hair without skin irritation, discoloration or inflammation associated with other lasers or hair removal methods.

What kind of results should I expect?
The number of treatments required to obtain optimal results varies with hair density, hair color, skin types, the treatment area and your hair growth cycle. The density of your hair and its growth cycle are affected by many things such as your age, ethnic background, hormones or medications. Laser treatments impair the growth capacity of hair follicles when they are in a growth cycle at the time of treatment. All hair follicles are not active at the same time. Depending upon the growth cycle of the follicles when the treatment is applied, several treatments with a few weeks in between may be required to obtain the desired effect.

Once the treatment is complete, the area exposed to the laser is cleansed and you are free to return to your normal routine. Some patients may experience a slight reddening around hair follicles following the treatment, which typically disappears within a few minutes. It is always recommended to avoid sun exposure or to use sunscreen following the laser treatment.

Is it right for you?
Our laser system offers effective results while maintaining the normal appearance of the skin. It uses the best technology currently available for hair removal, offering outstanding results with the widest range of skin tones and hair colors. In order to ensure the best outcome, you may be asked about your medical history and skin type in order to estimate the results you should expect from your customized treatment program.

Advanced Computerized Electrolysis

What is it? This system is highly effective with more power, and more comfort. It is excellent for brows and white hair. This isn't your mother's electrolysis.

Is electrolysis painful?
Until now the electrical current used in the process was transmitted at a fixed intensity, resulting in an unpleasant sensation.  Our computerized system modulates the intensity and duration of the current, achieving next-to-painless electrolysis.  Should you find this uncomfortable, we can apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area during treatment

Is it really permanent?
It is!   It is a permanent hair removal method for all skin and hair types when the prescribed treatment series is followed.

How many treatments do I need?
This depends on a number of factors including, the size of the area, the amount of hair, and adherence to appointment schedule. 

Is it safe?
Yes. We maintain strict levels of hygiene.  Sterile, disposable probes are only used once, ensuring your complete safety. Treatments will be performed by a Certified Electrologist. Electrolysis can be performed safely on all skin and hair  colors.

How does it work?
A tiny probe is inserted into each hair follicle.  The probe emits an electrical current and essentially cauterizes the papilla, which normally nourishes hair and allows it to regrow